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Carpet Stain Removal Doncaster

Spills will happen over the life of a carpet. It can be a real problem. However, if you need carpet stain removal Doncaster you have come to the right place.

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Especially if it’s something that can’t really wait to be cleaned. Such as vomit or things like milk spills where it will start to smell pretty quickly.

We are advanced members of the national carpet Cleaners Association and Woolsafe approved service providers in Doncaster. So you can trust us to help you our when it’s needed.

Firstly, don’t try to remove the stain if you have not had training. I would say that, but it’s so true. Sometimes I get to a home that had a simple spill and the home owner has literally thrown everything at it.

There is all sorts of chemicals in shop brought carpet stain removers. some that really should not be mixed. So if you don’t understand the chemistry, my best advice is to leave it and call a carpet stain removal specialist in Doncaster.

Having said that, With all that is happening, you just need to be able to do something if we cant’s get to you.

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Carpet stain removal Doncaster – Doncaster Carpet Cleaners

Of course, you can’t expect one carpet stain remover to get rid of every stain your may have. That’s just not reasonable. But what about the safety of the product?

I can assure you that all manufactures of carpet stain removal will have information on the label so that you can make your own decision about what to use it on. And what it may harm if it comes into contact with it.

For example. Basic chemistry tells us that bleach will dissolve wool. So that’s something to look out for on the label of whatever carpet stain removal product you are using.

Carpet stain removal Doncaster – Be careful what you use

At Doncaster carpet cleaners we try to explain to our clients to Consider factors such as pets and children. Cats and dogs don’t have slippers on. They lick their paws. If you have left something in the carpet. Your pets will end up with it in their mouth.

Above all, remember the basic rule of Carpet stain removal Doncaster or carpet cleaning in general. Is that what you put in. You must get out . And leave the carpet in a stable condition in terms of PH.

Do you have the equipment to do that, or the training to test that the carpet is PH neutral? If you don’t, you might want to re consider what you put into your carpet. And what the pets and children can walk on or consume in some way.

Getting stains out of the carpet – Will they come back?

It’s not just the damage to the carpets, children and pets though. You need to understand what is in the carpet stain remover to know what it does to make your carpet dirty quicker.

For example, you need to consider that whatever you use on the carpet will be staying in there. So if it’s a chemical that over time degrades or produces colour loss. You need to get that carpet stain removal product out as soon as you have finished using it.

It is up to you to understand what is in the product and how to get it out. If needs be.

Good carpet stain spotters – What should I use?

Choosing the right product for carpet stain removal Doncaster is a specialist job. Which is why we take regular courses on the all of these subjects.

But here are just a few things to consider when you want to get stuck into that spill.

So starting with your carpet. Do you know what it is made from?

If you don’t. Stop right there, and find out. There are ways to do this. Do a burn test. You will need some tweezers, a fibre from your carpet and a lighter.

From the colour of the flame you can tell what the fibre is made out of, what is smells like colour of the smoke and ash colour. Then you need to check the ash and whether is crumbly or hard. It come with practice. I will write another article about this test and link the page to it another time.

Once you understand what your carpet is made of. You need to understand its construction. Different backing and fibres do different things. Some will shrink. And some will even stretch.

Understanding the carpet construction is very important if you don’t want to ruin your carpet.

Will bleach come out of carpets?

Don’t forget that chlorine bleach dissolves wool! Check to see if the product you are using contains ingredients that effect the fibres in your carpet.

Does it have solvents for example. Trust me, I have seen all sorts of things used on carpets. Solvents may delaminate the backing of your carpet. Or if it’s carpet tiles, they are bitumen backed normally. Solvents will melt the that and the fibres that are embedded in them will come out.

Don’t forget that citrus products are in fact solvents. I have seen people being caught out by this thinking a natural product will be ok.

You will need some basic tools for Carpet stain removal also. Like something to blot up. Must not already have colour that may come off! You will need scissors, tweezers and a lighter. Some ph strips if you don’t know the ph of what you are using. And a few other bits.

How to get stains out of the carpet – What is it?

Then you need to understand what type of stain it is. Is it oil, soil, dye, food.
They are all very different. So will you be using a water based carpet stain remover, solvent based? Do you need an enzyme in the mix?

Well this article has got away from me a bit. I could go on forever about carpet stain removal. But what I really stared out to do was to make people aware that if you do have children or cats and dogs in the house. Above all, understand what you are leaving in the carpet. Click here for some photos of Doncaster carpet cleaners on the job or some videos of professional carpet cleaners

Whatever you put on your carpet will most likely end up on a paw being licked off, of on a child’s bare foot, sitting there doing things it’s not supposed to. Just that really

Carpet stain removal Doncaster
Carpet stain removal Doncaster

Most importantly, it’s all about knowing and understanding the carpet and the Carpet stain removal products out there. Including the concoctions shown on your tube and in your shed or under the sink.

Doncaster carpet cleaners understand all this because of the training that we are constantly updating ourselves with.

And finally, Carpets are expensive, don’t take risks.

Your children, grandchildren and pets are part of the family, now we know, lets help them avoid injury.



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