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Disinfection Services

The Coronavirus pandemic needs to be controlled by individual companies and the public using the very best virus protection possible. Our disinfection services takes care of this.

Above all, disinfection and sanitation of work spaces and public places is achieved swiftly and professionally using our latest generation of atomised fogging equipment. With this equipment. In combination with formula 429. We can deliver a professional disinfection Service against viruses and bacteria quickly and with no downtime or mess to your firm or public place.

Disinfection Services

Washing hands properly is sound advice from the government. But it’s the surfaces that transferring the virus to people. Firstly, if you walk through your office stop here and there, you will touch any number of surfaces. It’s normal. But you can’t wash your hands every time you touch something.

Firstly, our disinfection service ensures that all the surfaces are protected. Formula 429 disrupts the virus making stopping it being spread around.

This is vital in the fight against viruses and bacteria. But our system goes further. It has a very long residual effect unlike other products. And you don’t need to worry about mess and workers down time. It is a sophisticated fogging system that gets into all the places that normal disinfection services cant hope to get to.

Disinfection and sanitising offices and work places

Most importantly, the product we use is a national health service approved product that won the infection control trials. We know this is effective and you have peace of mind that you are using the very best disinfection services your can get.

The system is able to decontaminate large areas quickly and efficiently. So that you don’t waste production time or interruptions to your daily work.

Normal surface cleaning, according to the British medical journal is only about 11% effective. Not good odds when you are looking at most of the staff being off sick!

Disinfection services, sanitising & decontamination.

We provide a certificate for our disinfection services for your records. This is important for your duty of care obligations and is a permanent record of your hygiene and sanitising practices. Most importantly, it’s important to remember that our fogging system gets everywhere.

So you are not just killing on the surfaces that you can see. It wont be able to sneak out later and start the infection process all over again due to the long lasting effects of the formula 429. Doncaster carpet cleaners Disinfection Services are a fast effective solution to virus and bacterial control.

Disinfection services in domestic homes

More and more people are choosing to protect themselves by having their house disinfected and sanitised. This is very popular at the moment with the Coronavirus pandemic around us. It offers householders the chance to protect families in a very substantial way.

The process is quick and efficient. And with no mess and long lasting effect it is the perfect way to protect families.

And finally, we are an IICRC certified firm, so you can be assured of the very best service at all times.

Disinfection Services

Disinfection Services

Fast efficient service – no mess – No down time.

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