National Carpet Cleaners Association -NCCA

The National Carpet Cleaners Association – NCCA for short  Is the national trade association that Doncaster carpet cleaners belongs to. it is the only recognised trade association in the United Kingdom. Formed in 1968, and still going strong today.

Firstly, the National Carpet Cleaners Association strives to raise the standards of all it’s members by way of training. This includes back up and information. Covering the core services of carpet cleaning and soft furnishings cleaning and protection.

Above all, this level of dedicated service to the general public and to the carpet cleaning trade is second to none. The NCCA remains the premier trade organisation to belong to.

Furthermore, through ongoing training and the availability of instant support to its members. The NCCA provides a great service to it’s members.

NCCA – Membership requirements

Membership is not easy. Because A candidate must attend the course and pass all the exams. Once this is achieved the candidate must, within one year attend and pass a specialist stain removal course. To become a member of the NCCA a candidate must have passed these courses. Be of good standing and must be insured. Proof of insurance and ongoing training is required every year for continued membership.

National Carpet Cleaners Association - NCCA
National Carpet Cleaners Association – NCCA

National Carpet Cleaners Association -NCCA – Customer protection

All members of the NCCA are bound to keep to the rules and regulations of the association. These rules are there to protect the general public and to make sure that standard procedures are carried out on every carpet cleaning job that a member does.

The National Carpet Cleaners Association expects it’s members to price fairly. And carry out the carpet or upholstery cleaning work in line with established practices. The NCCA has a code of practice that must be kept to. Hence it also has a customer complaints procedure that any client can access in order to settle a dispute.

The motto of the NCCA is ‘service with integrity’ which sums up perfectly the associations  commitment.

NCCA – Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Training

National Carpet Cleaners Association - NCCA
National Carpet Cleaners Association – NCCA

The National Carpet Cleaners Association – NCCA has a well established and robust training program for it’s members. These training courses cover everything from carpet cleaning, through upholstery cleaning to specialised fabric cleaning. Such as oriental rugs. Wool rug cleaning etc. There are many types of fabric out there such as Viscose that present particular issues when cleaning.

We have attended many upholstery cleaning training courses including an advanced upholstery cleaning course

NCCA members are trained to test for these fabrics and plan the cleaning products and techniques accordingly.

I attend regular carpet cleaning courses and training for the specialist cleaning of fabrics. These courses are specific. For example, this years was about the Laura Ashley new range.

Some types of fabrics can be very challenging to clean. There are no manufactures recommendations. Therefore it is all down to the fabric cleaning technicians training.

We are taught how to identify fabrics by various methods of testing. What to do if something is not quite right and perhaps when to advise the client of a different route.

Furthermore, there are carpet fibres made from things that you would not believe. For example, Triexta carpet is actually made from corn oil.

But how would you clean that? Carpet fibres are made from man made products, natural and seed. From anything from recycled pop bottles to sea grass.

But if someone tries to clean some of these more challenging carpets without the knowledge and training required. It can all end in tears very quickly. Consequently you can be sure that Doncaster carpet cleaners will not ruin your carpet or upholstery.

This is all for the safety of the clients furnishings and the longevity of the members business. It is a fact that NCCA members enjoy a high level of repeat work and recommendations. This is good for everybody.

NCCA – Leather cleaning

The association also has a deep understanding of leather care. From deep down leather cleaning with conditioners and re protection.

Also to full blown leather repair and re colouring and a new protective coat. But this is just one of the specialist services that some NCCA members are trained to. Other services range for specialist fabrics to crime scene cleaning.

The NCCA has a growing membership and these sort or services are becoming requested more and more often.

The National Carpet Cleaners Association responds to the needs of it’s members and the requirements of the general public. In this way the NCCA will be able to provide the robust service it offers for years to come.


It’s worth remembering that people come from all over the world to train on NCCA approved training courses. Approved courses have trained carpet cleaners and the like from New Zealand and Australia. Through the Americas and all over Europe. Therefore  it is truly a resource to be cherished.

Why is Doncaster Carpet Cleaners an NCCA member

So if I was asked why I joined and continue membership of the National Carpet Cleaners Association. I would probably say that being part of an organisation. Dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in carpet cleaning.

And having huge back up and resources to draw on, is just part of the reason.

However, to me The NCCA strives to ensure its members receive the very best training and advice at all times. They are only a phone call way if a member needs help. Therefore, this is an important factor too.

Furthermore, this extends to the general public throughout the UK. The NCCA has a proper complaints procedure and stands neutral in terms of dispute. Whilst offering expert advice this is also part of the reason. Accountability. But when I select training courses for the year. I check at what needs to be improved upon. Because I need to know what can I do to offer my clients a better service.

Finally, very trade needs this sort of core back up. And the association is very good at providing it both to members and their clients. Doncaster carpet cleaners is a proud member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association – NCCA



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