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Carpet cleaning methods used by Doncaster Carpet Cleaners

The carpet cleaning methods used by Doncaster Carpet Cleaners. is not usually something people ask.

However, using the wrong type of carpet cleaning techniques. Or the wrong carpet cleaning products on your carpet can damage it beyond repair.

Carpet cleaning methods used by Doncaster Carpet Cleaners
Carpet cleaning methods used by Doncaster Carpet Cleaners

The worst of it is, a lot of this damage will go unnoticed for months. Then it’s too late to blame the carpet cleaning firm that was reckless when they cleaned your carpet. When cleaning a carpet, there are lots of variable to be considered.

Different carpet constructions and the myriad of different carpet fibres on the market these days. Makes the cleaning of carpets a professional task that needs qualified technicians. Otherwise the risk of having to replace your expensive carpet is always there.

Doncaster carpet cleaners has been in business with the same owner for over twenty five years. Throughout this time the aim has always been to provide our clients with the highest standard of carpet cleaning excellence that really should come as standard with any tradesperson.

Quality work can only be consistent if the carpet cleaner is up to date with all the latest carpet cleaning techniques. So we attend ongoing carpet cleaning technique courses and specialist carpet stain removal training. You can see some of our professional carpet cleaning qualifications here

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning method

Firstly, the carpet is vacuumed. Not just a wander about with the hoover. It’s a deep vacuum crisscrossing the carpet to ensure that all fibres are well beaten and the particulate extracted. This is done by a professional vacuum.
The removal of the dry particulate (the dirt) is really important for a few reasons.

Firstly, the hot water extraction method uses a pre treatment that is agitated into the carpet pile. This works on the soil. However, if there is a lot of soil in the carpet.

The action of the product in the pre spray is used up on the top layer of the dirt. Which makes it ineffective underneath this layer
So this is why a deep vacuuming is a vital part of the carpet cleaning process.

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction.

So this article is about the carpet cleaning methods used by Doncaster Carpet Cleaners lets have a look at what most people think of as steam cleaning.

After the pre treatment and the agitation comes the steam cleaning part. Like I said, it’s not really seam cleaning. Hot water extraction gets it’s name because hot water is injected into the carpet via the spray jets at the end of the want.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning method
Hot water extraction carpet cleaning method

This is immediately sucked back up and into the recovery tank in the machine. The pressure of the water injection, the type of product used in the pre spray and other factors are down to the operator. Care must be taken when choosing what carpet cleaning product to clean the carpet.

And it is essential that the carpet is not over wet. As over wetting a carpet during cleaning can cause all sorts of problems. For example, mould in your carpets and the breaking down of the carpet fibres. This is possible these days because of the types of products used to make carpets.

Bonnet carpet cleaning

Bonnet cleaning, also know as absorbent pad cleaning or spin bonnet cleaning is a low moisture carpet cleaning technique. Sometimes it is not possible to use the hot water extraction method. It may be due to special conditions.

For example an office with a raised access floor for computer cables. However, it just be that the carpets are deep cleaned regularly and just need a maintenance clean in between. Bonnet carpet cleaning is ideal for office carpet cleaning. Because this as it is usually quicker and is dry almost right away.

The machine is a standard speed rotary floor machine with a fabric bonnet. The bonnet these days is quite often microfibre with nylon raised strips that help the process.

The technician will decide what sort of product to use.
But essentially the product is sprayed in sections onto the carpet and the bonnet or spinner is kept moist with the same solution being sprayed on it.

It is essential that the bonnet is not allowed to dry out as this causes friction and cam damage the carpet fibre.

This method of carpet cleaning in my opinion is best suited to very low pile carpets. And is ideal for cleaning office carpet tiles that are found in most offices. I think continuous use on plush carpet fibres can only lead to damage.

So Doncaster carpet cleaners does not use this method in these situations.

Encapsulation method for carpet cleaning

One of the problems with bonnet cleaning is that for various reasons, it can encourage rapid resoling issues.

The basic idea of encapsulation carpet cleaning is that after a thorough vacuuming of the carpet. Special products are agitated into the carpet evenly with a special type of counter rotating electric brush machine.

The product then softens and suspends the dirt until dry. The carpet is vacuumed which removes the product along with the suspended soil. This method is best suited to interim maintenance type cleaning as part of a complete cleaning schedule.

There are other ways to clean carpets. For example absorbent compound carpet cleaning. Likewise, this is really an interim procedure. It is very good for almost zero dry time carpet cleaning as the granules are impregnated with a mixture of dry solvent some sort of detergent and moisture.

This combination dries rapidly and once the finishing vacuuming is done, it is ready to walk on again.

Doncaster carpet cleaners does not use this method on a day to day basis. That is to say, this method is not used a great deal domestically in the UK carpet cleaning profession. But it is a very useful carpet clean method when the need for it arises.

How to find out if your carpet cleaner is qualified

In conclusion, there are trained carpet cleaners in Doncaster and those that haven’t bothered to seek out carpet cleaning training. Most importantly, as a consumer, your would do well to protect your investment by checking the qualifications of your local carpet cleaner in Doncaster.

Click here to see how you can check to see if your carpet cleaner is qualified.



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