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Thank you for your interest in Doncaster carpet Cleaners. We have been carpet cleaning in Doncaster for over 25 years now, here is a little bit about us.

Doncaster carpet cleaners really is your local carpet cleaning firm in Doncaster.

We live in Doncaster and only offer a carpet cleaning service in the Doncaster area. Having been trained and being advanced members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association we can offer a first class carpet and upholstery cleaning service at very reasonable prices.

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About us
Doncaster carpet Cleaners Trade Mark
Doncaster carpet cleaners Trade Mark

This is a link to Doncaster Carpet Cleaners Brand Trade Mark on the UK Government Intellectual Property Office web site

We will get your carpets clean and dry in just a few hours. We use various methods for cleaning your carpets from hot water extraction. Sometimes known as carpet steam cleaning. And we use other low moisture and totally dry carpet cleaning systems depending upon the type of carpet fibre and general conditions at the time.

You can be sure that you carpet will be deep cleaned in a professional and courteous way, that’s what is good about us. You can contact us by telephone, text, via the contact form or facebook and other social media. And since I answer the calls and do the work with my wife, you can call at anytime up to around 10pm.

Highly trained carpet cleaners in Doncaster

Woolsafe have trained us too, and we have taken exams that qualify us to be certified by Woolsafe as Woolsafe service providers in Doncaster. This means that we are experts in cleaning wool carpets.

About us Fully trained carpet cleaners in Doncaster
Fully trained carpet cleaners in Doncaster

Why does this matter? Well wool carpets are unlike synthetic carpets in as much as wool is a natural protein fibre. This makes it more difficult to clean properly without damaging the carpet. High alkali and enzyme carpet cleaning product will damage the wool and you will suffer for it.

Woolsafe teaches us all about the complex chemistry and basically the ins and outs of wool and how to cleaning it without damaging it. So you can feel safe with us if you have a wool carpet.

We are fully trained in all carpet fabric types which is essential these days. Some carpet cleaning companies will just hit every carpet with the same harsh carpet cleaning product. Our training with The National Carpet Cleaners Association and other examination bodies keeps us up to date with all this. This is usually high alkali and causes damage to the fibres. It shortens the life of the carpet too.

Even worse is that these unsuitable products left in the carpet are dangerous to pets and to children. Your cat or dog will want to get it off their paws and to do this they lick their paws.

This then burns their mouth and can even kill them. The same with children. They touch everything and their hands always end up in their mouth!

Another thing about us is that we don’t use hazardous chemicals.

We don’t use dangerous products!

Carpet stain removal is also a qualification and a skill that needs to be kept up. There are so many new fibres coming out each year. And these fibres are very tricky if the cleaner does not recognise them.

They can turn pink or blue due to the PH changing or even just dissolve. Yes, they are making carpets and furniture from wood pulp and paper now.

You can’t really tell just looking at it, testing has to be done before the clean starts.

Carpet cleaning and shampoo service doncaster
Professional Carpet cleaning service doncaster

This literally takes minutes. But if the technician does not do this and the fabric of fibre is a tricky one. Then it’s a big problem. Feel safe with us, we always test and we are up to date on our continuing professional development courses on all aspects of carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Upholstery cleaners in Doncaster

So another thing about us is that our service extends to sofas and fabric upholstery. We are well trained, and have been deep cleaning sofas for many years.

All of these sofas need to be cleaned with the utmost care and with the right products for the fibre involved.

Sofa cleaners in Doncaster
Carpet and upholstery cleaners Doncaster

Again, the issues these days with upholstery fabrics is they are bringing out new types of fabric all the time. Some of these sofa fibres are so delicate that they dissolve with water but in normal use they are as tough as old boots!
It’s difficult for a sofa cleaner to understand what is cleanable with what product. We have a deep understanding of sofa cleaning.

Unless they have been trained and examined on the whole process. This really needs topping up every year to be aware of the new fabrics that sofas are being made from.

About us Leather sofa cleaning

Deep cleaning leather upholstery has to be done right. It sounds obvious, but it really does. It’s no good buying a leather cleaning product is not suitable for your type of leather.

We inspect the leather to be cleaned first so that we understand what products we have to use. If this is not done correctly, your leather sofa can be ruined beyond repair.

Leather sofa cleaners Doncaster
leather sofa cleaning doncaster carpet cleaners

At Doncaster carpet cleaners, we are IMI certified. This is a government certified qualification that is traceable via ofqual and valid. Another thing that you can trust about us, we keep up with our qualifications and new products and materials.

We don’t just deep clean your leather couch though. Leather protection is required to protect it for the future. That is included in the price. It’s not an extra, and we don’t clean a leather sofa without finishing with a suitable protector.

About us Commercial and office carpet cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning is a different thing in a lot of ways. Fortunately for our clients we are an IICRC certified firm.

This means that we have taken extensive training and written exams to prove that we know what we are doing in terms of commercial carpet cleaning.
There are many reasons why office and commercial carpet cleaning needs a different skill set and technical knowledge. But just as one example. Offices get thousands of times more foot fall that a domestic living room.

 About us office carpet cleaners in Doncaster
office carpet cleaners in Doncaster

It’s essential that the carpets do not re soil quickly. They need to stay looking good for a long time.

There are ways to do this using different techniques and specialised products. There is lots more, but that is an obvious one.

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification is a global examination body that certifies technicians and firms that can pass the exams after taking the courses.

Commercial office carpet cleaners in Doncaster
Commercial carpet cleaning Doncaster

This is not like some of the ‘professional’ organisations on the internet where all you need to do is send money. Your office carpet cleaning needs are safe in our hands.

In conclusion, whatever carpet cleaning service or upholstery cleaning requirements you may have. You can feel confident that Doncaster carpet cleaners is here to help you. For more information about us have a look at these articles and videos.

Contact us at any time. Paul & Donni.


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