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Sofa cleaning in Doncaster

When you are trawling the net looking for Sofa cleaning in Doncaster consider us. We offer the perfect solution to your sofa and upholstery cleaning needs. We are experts at leather sofa cleaning in Doncaster as well as fabric upholstery.

Sofa cleaning in Doncaster – Highly trained upholstery cleaners

We are always keen to do a great job for you and we are highly trained to do that by the National Carpet Cleaning Association. We will ensure that your sofa whether it is fabric or leather is deep cleaned to the point where you can be confident that you are breathing fresh air every time you flop into it.

It’s important to consider what happens when you flop into your sofa. Just think of all the times someone has been sitting there in work ware or outside clothes that have picked up all that carbon monoxide from the traffic and all the pollutants out there these days.

Even if it looks clean, it still needs to be cleaned. Would you ware a jumper that had not been washed for years even if it looked clean? Probably not. in terms of your leather sofa  it need conditioning to prevent cracking and fading. it was a big investment that needs looking after.

Sofa cleaning in Doncaster

Sofa cleaning in Doncaster

Soft furnishings need to be deep cleaned not just because of the dirt that builds up. They need to be cleaned to get all the unseen grit that is wearing away your sofa like sandpaper every time you sit on it. We get all this out and leave your upholstery as clean as a whistle.

Sofa cleaning in Doncaster -Cleaning products.

The products we use to clean your sofa are British made in Cornwall by a company specialising is plant derived cleaning technology. This is very important to us and it should be to you. We can guarantee that we leave no nasty substances in your furniture fabric and certainly no bleach. You need to be very aware of this when you hire someone for Sofa cleaning in Doncaster.

Even products that you can buy from the shops need to be very carefully used. Or better still not used at all. Look at the ingredients and understand what Oxi means!

So when you are ready to get your sofa cleaned just call us on: 01302 874613

or text us for an instant quote on: 075 4488 0558