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Doncaster carpet cleaners Prices are calculated so that you can get the very best deal and the best clean for your money. The first carpet is more expensive because we have to travel to you, set up all the machinery and pack it all away again in a short space of time and get off to the next job

Prices – Helping to to save money

If we can clean more carpets for you it helps us. So we keep the prices low. We want to be able to give you some of that help back. This is why Doncaster carpet cleaning prices are heavily discounted after the first carpet. The first carpet is £40, then, if we clean the second or more on the same visit, the other carpets are half price. You get the same deal the next time we come. £40 for the first carpet, then half price after that.

If you have a whole house carpet cleaned by Doncaster carpet cleaners, you will save £££’s and have a great fresh smelling home for ‘not a lot’…..

If you like watching short videos of us in action (or me getting doing bloopers) click here

Doncaster carpet cleaners price list – Easy to follow discount prices

So if you have a two bedroom house. Your total carpets could easily add up to £140 if you add the prices up one by one. But if you take our special offer for a two bedroom house carpet clean. it would only be £95. Saving you £45!

That’s our thank you to you for choosing us to do your carpet or upholstery cleaning.

Doncaster carpet cleaners price list – Real Doncaster prices

Well you don’t, because we are going to knock off £45. You pay just £95 for the whole house. It’s a double thank you from Doncaster carpet cleaners. Look at our other prices!

Our easy to understand Doncaster carpet cleaning price list is set in stone. Please read through the prices and if you have any questions, please just give us a ring. We will not try to sell you a lot of nonsense, We will not ask for your post code so we can figure out if you are rich, we will not ask for your phone number and we will not try to talk you into booking with us. We want happy customers, so don’t worry!

One carpet

First carpet


Second carpet

On same day


Hall, stairs & landing


Arm chair

Each Chair


Two seater

Each two seater


3 Seater

Each 3 seater


3 piece suite



2 bed house

Save the price of a whole carpet


3 bed house

One carpet cleaned free


4 bed house

Free carpet clean Doncaster


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