Wool carpet cleaning in Doncaster

When it comes to wool carpet cleaning in Doncaster we are certified Woolsafe service providers.

When people want to know about how to clean a wool carpet one of the first things they will do is search the internet.

And most likely, you tube for a crash course in wool carpet cleaning.

It’s natural these days with the information super highway there to fix things in a jiffy!

Not so fast, you paid a lot of money for that wool carpet and it can be totally ruined using some of the handy tips and tricks that I have seen on you tube and facebook.

Wool carpet cleaning in Doncaster
Paul & Donni, Your local Doncaster carpet cleaning experts.

So why is it so easy to trash your lovely wool carpet? After all, it’s on the floor getting walked over all the time. It must be pretty resistant to damage, mustn’t it?

It’s a good point, so what are the reasons for choosing a wool carpet in the first place?

Wool is a natural fibre along with other fibres that are used for carpet construction.

For instance, Sisal, cotton, jute and coir. Everybody has heard of silk rugs, well silk is another natural fibre. However, it’s mainly used in rugs.

Meanwhile, wool is specified by architects around Doncaster for use in hotels, pub’s and other public places due to it’s low flammability.

And in homes where people want the luxury and beauty of a wool carpet.

People around Doncaster that own a wool carpet will tell you that it never looses its good looks like a synthetic carpet. So why is that?

Woolsafe carpet cleaning experts in Doncaster

The answer to that is a little more complicated.

Firstly, when someone invests good money in quality furnishings such as a wool carpet. They will want to look after it and get their money’s worth from it.

They will research the best way to have it cleaned and they want to know who is their certified Woolsafe service provider in Doncaster and the surrounding area.

The company they brought the carpet from will have told them about Woolsafe.

Furthermore, they will have been told about the guarantee being void if it’s cleaned with the wrong Woolsafe products or by techniques that are not Woolsafe approved.

For example, a lot of carpet cleaning products contain an enzyme.

This is fine, enzymes are found in wash powders and other products.

It attacks protein stains such as blood and enzymes can be good with greasy stains also. It’s not fine on wool though.

That is to say, wool is a protein fibre.

So it follows that using a protein dissolving product is not going to go well.

A skilled carpet cleaning technician may be able to reduce the damage caused if there is no other choice of possible products to use due to the condition or soil load or the carpet.

However, the best thing is not to go down that route.

As Woolsafe approved carpet cleaners, Doncaster carpet cleaners only uses Woolsafe approved products on your wool carpet. You are in safe hands with us.

Wool carpet cleaning expert Doncaster

With over twenty five years of wool carpet cleaning in Doncaster your carpet can expect to be handled with all the care that is expected of a certified Woolsafe service provider. Not only that, Doncaster carpet cleaners are your local carpet cleaning experts.

We are advanced members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association and an IICRC certified firm. Yu are safe with us!

To clarify, we are really local, we live and work only in the Doncaster area. So you can expect to see the same people each time you book your carpet clean with us. We are a family firm dedicated to serving you with out expertise and experience.

One thing that people get to understand is that a wool carpet does in fact stay looking great. Once they understand how to clean a wool carpet. That does not mean that they should clean it themselves.

However, wool will shed a very tiny amount of fibre as time goes on. This means that it’s always showing a new piece of the carpet fibre. When the carpet is cleaned properly by Doncaster carpet cleaners the powerful vacuums in the carpet cleaning machine pull out all the shed fibres and it amazing how different it looks.

To maintain the look and longevity of your wool carpet we can do a number of things for you.

Professional wool carpet cleaners in Doncaster

Rest assured, we will always use Woolsafe carpet cleaning products on your investment. Secondly, we can offer you advice on various treatments ranging from protection from carpet moth and other insects that can live in and eat your carpet. To carpet protectors that will give you time to mop up a spill and will protect the fibres making the carpet last longer.

Carpet moth

Carpet moths are real nuisance at best. And a very expensive pest infestation at worst.

Carpet moths live, breed, and reproduce in wool carpets.

Carpet moth will destroy a wool carpet, very quickly.

Here are a few points to consider:

Early Detection for carpet moth

Regularly inspecting your wool carpet for signs of carpet moth activity is essential.

Look for small, irregularly shaped holes in you carpet, especially under furniture where it is dark.

You are looking for damage and carpet moth eggs, which are tiny, but can be seen in groups.

You are also looking for carpet moth cocoons.

These are easy to spot, they look like grains of white rice.

If you see any of these things, you should contact Bug Doctor.

Bug Doctor is a pest control service in Doncaster specialising in carpet moth and carpet beetle treatment.

You should do this before further damage occurs to your wool carpet occurs.

Wool carpet cleaning in Doncaster
Wool carpet cleaning in Doncaster

A few things that you should know about your wool carpet would be. Most importantly, don’t use bleach on it. Wool will dissolve in bleach. You may not think it will be sitting in it for long. But unless you have a powerful machine to rinse it, it will.

It is open to attack from moths. Not an immediate problem as the fibres will have been treated during manufacture of your carpet. However, it wears off and needs replacing if the possibility of moth damage and beetle infestation is to be avoided.

Carpet moth treatment Woolsafe Doncaster
Carpet moth treatment Woolsafe Doncaster

Mould and mildew on wool carpets.

Mould and mildew can be a problem if an untrained carpet cleaner does not have powerful equipment to dry the carpet. It will always feel damp when cleaned but should dry in a few hours. The quicker the better to avoid these problems.

Most importantly, you need to be very careful what you use as a carpet stain remover. Products of this nature will have disclaimers on them.

So look for bleaches and other chemicals that can ruin your wool carpet.



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Flea Control Doncaster

Fleas in your carpets and home are a real pest.

These fleas spread disease and the bites can be very painful and cause further problems.

Cleaning the carpets normally will not get rid of fleas.

We recommend Bug Doctor for flea control Doncaster.

When the fleas are killed and the cycle broken, we will come to deep clean your carpets.

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