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Leather upholstery cleaning Doncaster

Leather cleaning Doncaster. So what is leather upholstery cleaning Doncaster? How is it done and why do I need it?
Those are fair questions. But lets start with, why do I need it.

Leather cleaning Doncaster – Why do I need it?

Your leather sofa may be red, blue black or grey. Obviously, it did not come off the cow that colour. So what does that mean to me?

Well what happens it that the leather is actually ‘finished’ with pigments and a protector applied. In every day language, this just means that it is painted and sprayed with a protective coat. Usually polyurethane. But it can be other products.

Leather upholstery cleaning Doncaster

Leather upholstery cleaning Doncaster

So now, the leather is coloured. But it has this coat of protector on top. What the protector does is to protect the pigment (paint) from wear. This wear is just the normal way we sit on and get off the furniture. Every time we sit down and get comfortable, we are rubbing the surface of the leather.

Leather cleaning Doncaster – Leather Protector wears away

Our clothes, no matter how clean pick up tiny pieces of grit and dust. These are rubbed in like sand paper every time we sit down. This quickly wears away the leather protector. You can’t see this wearing away. But it does wear away quite quickly.

But this is it’s job. The manufacturers can’t put a harder wearing protector on. If they did, the leather would feel stiff and not comfortable. It’s just one of those things.

The leather protector needs replacing before it starts to wear away the colour of your sofa. This is not as straight forward as it sounds. The products that are to be used in leather cleaning and re protecting have to be suitable for your type of leather.

When we come to deep clean your leather suite we have to analyse it though a microscope to see exactly what sort of leather and finish you have on there. We don’t just attack it with something that has ‘leather cleaner’ on the label.

Not all leather cleaners are the same

It is essential that the leather cleaning process is started by assessing what is being worked upon. Makes sense doesn’t it? Well Apparently not. People still go to the supermarket to buy some off the shelf product without knowing what the possible damage to their £5000 leather suite could be. Trust me, I have seen it all!

 Leather upholstery cleaning Doncaster

Leather upholstery cleaning Doncaster

For example alcohol has two properties that you may not want while you are cleaning your suite. Firstly, it dries leather out. Possibility of hardening and cracking there. Secondly, it dissolves paint etc. But everybody knows that, don’t they? You would be surprised. Because of the heavy marketing of leather cleaning and general cleaning products. People just buy them without thinking. The public tend to trust a product if their favourite supermarket stocks it. You can’t blame them for that.

The problem is that some of these products may contain chemicals that won’t do your leather sofa any good. So why do they sell them. And how do they get away with it. Well, read the label. It will always say test first. That’s the get out. There is no indication of how to test, how long the test should last. Or how to inspect for damage. You pay your money, you take your chance!

Leather upholstery cleaning Doncaster – Using safe leather cleaning products

We don’t use anything that will harm your leather sofa. After all. We are there to make it last longer! All of our products are professional products developed to help maintain your investment.

We carefully deep clean your leather then condition and feed it. After that we apply two coats of leather protector. This ensures that your upholstery will stay in good shape for years to come.

Leather is a natural product that does need keeping up with. It is the dry air that we have in our homes these days. Due to good central heating systems that dries the leather out. This causes the leather to be come less flexible. Which leads to cracking.

Plan ahead to keep your leather upholstery in good shape

It makes good sense to plan around this and slow it right down. Even prevent it happening at all. The other big thing as I said before is the tiny pieces of grit that gets on our clothes and then onto the furniture. These are rubbed in by us moving about and scratch away the existing protector.

Then you are onto your bare pigmented leather. Once this happens, it’s just a short time before you ware through the paint to the leather. Then it needs a complete re pigment. We do that. But it’s not cheap, and it is preventable.

We are seeing new leather upholstery come on the market all the time. Some of the newer examples are very thin in terms of the leather. When you go into the furniture shop to look at suites. It’s natural to feel the leather. It will feel thick and soft perhaps. Unfortunately, you may me feeling something else.

Know what you need

There is a product call Bi cast. Basically, it is a very thin slither of leather that is glued onto fabric or plastic. This does not have the same life span as leather all the way through does. It stand to reason. That is neither good or bad. Different products for different uses. Think about your needs before choosing if you need leather, fabric, bi cast or any other product. Just something to be aware of when you are looking at buying a new leather suite. Just ask the retailer for information.

We are constantly updating our skills to cope with all the new developments in the leather upholstery world. So be assured that if you call us. We will have a solution for you.

Our services are not expensive. And we guaranteed that we will be using the correct products for your type of leather. With our experience and product range, a great job is guaranteed.

So when you need your leather upholstery cleaning Doncaster get in contact with us. We are a local family firm, so you can be sure of a great local service.

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