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Covid 19 Fogging Service Doncaster

Antiviral and Covid 19 Fogging Service Doncaster. You need to be very sure who you are going to hire to fog your premises.

Therefore, the people you hire for fogging your offices, surgeries and populated areas need to be properly trained. they will be using the very latest in antimicrobial products and fogging equipment that will effectively kill Covid 19.

Fogging treatment service Doncaster
Fogging treatment service Doncaster

And all the other pathogens and bacteria’s that you want to protect yourself, your family and your staff from.

Doncaster Carpet Cleaners have long been associated with antiviral fogging. This is often done when we clean the carpets for our clients.

But now, we offer it as a stand alone Covid 19 Fogging Service Doncaster. Along with sanitising and disinfecting commercial premises.

From doctors and dentist surgeries, to schools and offices across Doncaster. Above all, we have been at the forefront of keeping our clients safe for a long time. Now with Covid 19, it is even more important.

That is to say, we are highly trained and keep up our training and knowledge base by taking regular courses to keep us at the cutting edge of the technology and products available. Importantly, as you may already know, we only work in Doncaster, so you can be sure that we are right here when you need us.

Does Antiviral fogging kill Covid 19 in Doncaster?

Corona viruses belong to a group of enveloped viruses. So the virus is encapsulated in a fatty like liquid. They are not on their own there though. Other examples of enveloped viruses include hepatitis C, HIV, Chicken pox and Influenza. In short, covid 19 is not a new development in that way.

The virus uses this fatty membrane to attach itself to a suitable host. They penetrate it and starts to replicate itself. Most importantly, when this thing is outside the body, it is quite vulnerable. And this is where we come in. The envelope is not very robust on its own and can be washed away with soapy water. That is just not practical for an office, factory, surgery or other similar areas.

Fogging treatment service Doncaster is the way to deal with this in the quickest way possible. However, it is not messy and staff and customers can go right back in. We use a product called Envirosafe which has been shown to disrupt the membrane of the virus. And has been thoroughly tested and approved to eradicate and protect against Covid 19.

Enveloped viruses can be dealt with, with other things like alcohol. But alcohol evaporates very quickly and is just not practical in bigger applications. Quatenary ammonium compounds give long lasting protection. They break up or disrupt the membrane and render the nucleocapsid unable to infect other cells.

Fogging Doncaster
Fogging Doncaster

One of the good things about QAT’s is that we can atomise the product with our dedicated fogging machines. And the tiny, tiny particles settle everywhere. In every nook and crack making these surfaces uninhabitable by the virus.

Trained fogging experts in Doncaster

When we carry out antiviral fogging treatment. It helps with all sorts of other issues too. Such as mould, bacteria and other organisms that can contribute to sick building syndrome.

Fogging treatment service Doncaster
Fogging treatment service Doncaster

Fogging takes very little time and your work force or family can come back into the area within minutes. It’s perfectly safe for people. And we mention homes because many people have contacted us just for peace of mind. However, it takes a very short time to completely fog your home and there is no mess.

Above all, it’s important for our clients to understand that we are professionally trained and certificated for this procedure. We offer Covid 19 Fogging Service Doncaster to the highest standard.

We use the proper fogging treatment service equipment, and the correct products with a log kill of 99.9999%. This number is very important. The public has grown used to seeing labels on products. In other words, they might say this product kills 99.99% of germs. Do you actually know what that means?

Kills 99.99% germs. What does that mean?

Log Kill is shown by a logarithm showing number of live and growing microbes eradicated from a surface by a product. (bet you never thought you would be doing logs again).

So Log Kill 1 for example is a 90% reduction of microbes.
Log Kill 2 – 99% reduction
3 – 99.9% reduction
4 – 99.99% reduction
5 – 99.999% reduction. And Log Kill 6 – 99.9999% reduction

For example, a log six product would reduce the microbes by one million fold. In other words, the higher the log kill. The more microbe reduction occurs. Next time you see something on a bottle. You have the knowledge to see if it’s helpful to you or not.

Share fogging costs with other offices

We know that fogging is the cheapest and fastest way to kill Covid. But if you are in an office complex, it is still worth talking to the other people in the building.

Firstly, our Covid 19 Fogging Service Doncaster is very economical and takes very little time to do properly with the equipment we have. As a result, if you are in a group of offices it makes sense to get together and share the cost.

Therefore, we can easily treat all offices and all the corridors, lifts etc for a combined price and if required we can invoice each organisation for their contribution separately.

End of tenancy antiviral and anti bacterial treatment is almost a given these days with tenants willing to make negligence claims against landlords and property management firms. Therefore, it is prudent to protect you and your clients.

In addition to peace of mind. You will be issued a fogging treatment service certificate for your duty of care records showing what was used.

When we attend we will be using the PPE appropriate for the job in hand and all of our equipment is properly sanitised before use with each client.

Fogging treatment service Doncaster

Finally, Fogging quotes in Doncaster are free contact me here or call 07544880558 at any time. And it will take just a few minutes for me get an idea of the size of the building to work out the quantity of product and procedures. Just give me a call anytime.

In conclusion, if you need a Fogging treatment service Doncaster you can be sure that you will be getting the very best trained people. Along with the latest antiviral fogging product that is certified to eradicate Covid 19.

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