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Leather repair Doncaster

Looking for Leather repair Doncaster? Wondering why we should offer a highly technical and skilled service?

Experience, quality and hundreds of happy clients is the short answer.

You will most likely know we offer other services such as carpet and upholstery cleaning. You may even have seen our van advertising leather cleaning and repair. If you have, you will know that we are a truly local family firm.

Leather repair Doncaster – A truly local family firm

We offer our leather repair service only in Doncaster. All our work is our own we never use outside workers. And we are constantly upgrading our leather repair skills to be able to offer you the very best in leather repair and cleaning.

Leather repair Doncaster

We repair leather and vinyl to a high quality fininsh. Why vinyl too? Well we have made so many repairs to motorbike leathers over the years, it was natural for the same people to ask us to repair their motorcycle seats too. these are usually vinyl.

Leather repair Doncaster – Tiny marks to a full re colour

But back to your leather sofa repairs. We can get rid of those cat scratches and cuts etc and get your leather furniture looking great again. We can repair anything from a few tiny marks to a full leather re colour for you.

Why would you need a full leather re colour in the first place? You may love your sofa. After all, you chose it in the first place! It may fit the room or the decor. But just in need of re finishing. It may not fit the decor. So we can change the colour!

Leather repair Doncaster – Don’t throw out that leather suite

It has to be said though. Older leather furniture tends to have much more leather in it! Some of the newer sofas on offer are very thin in terms of leather. It may even be a bi cast leather. It makes no difference.

Leather repair Doncaster

Leather repair Doncaster

First of all we give you a free quote. This consists of us coming to your home and looking through our microscope to check what type of leather you have. Some other tests to confirm and after that we tell you in plain English what can and can’t be achieved.

Then we talk you through all this and then leave you to think it through.

We won’t be calling you back. to be honest, there is a waiting list. But apart from that, we never badger people for work.

If you do decide to go ahead. You need to call us and we arrange to pop over once again to write up a contract. Why do we do this?

Leather repair Doncaster

Leather repair Doncaster

Well, we really want you to know exactly what you can expect. The way we check that is the case is to talk it through with you and have all aspects written down so that you can keep a copy for your records.

That is all there is to it.

If you want to have a chat and explain what can be done in terms of leather cleaning and repair:

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