Local carpet cleaners in Scawsby

Looking for local carpet cleaners in Scawsby. We are right on your doorstep and we provide a first class service along with free quotes and our guarantee of satisfaction.

In fact, for domestic (houshold) carpet cleaning in scawsby, we don’t need to visit you to quote you.

Carpet cleaners in Scawsby
Carpet cleaners in Scawsby

After over 27 years of cleaning carpets locally, we pretty much know what a carpet looks like!

So we put the prices on this website. Click for carpet cleaning prices.

Because we clean carpets and upholstery in Scawsby, Doncaster, and the immediate local area. It means that you are not spending your money on expensive, out of town carpet cleaning franchise companies.

We are truly local, and you will always only get us. Not an employee!

In this way, we can control and guarantee the carpet cleaning process from start to finish.

When you call you get me, Paul.

When we arrive, it is myself and my wife.

So feel secure in the knowledge that you your home will be treated with respect and you will get a great job done.

Just what you would expect from your local carpet cleaners in Scawsby.

Local carpet cleaners in Scawsby – IICRC certified firm

After twenty seven years in business you can be sure that we know what we are doing!

But for your peace of mind it’s important to say that we are IICRC qualified and members of the National Carpet Cleaning Association.

Doncaster carpet cleaners is just one of many local carpet cleaners in Scawsby. But what makes us stand out?

For example we are a truly local family firm. Highly trained in carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

We have taken the trouble of being trained to such a high level that we have taken stand alone exams with the most respected organisations in the country.

And in fact the world!

Local carpet cleaners in Scawsby – Highly qualified carpet cleaners

As an IICRC certified firm.

We are highly trained and independently tested by the Institute of inspection cleaning & restoration certification.

The IICRC is a world wide testing body. This means that we didn’t just go on a course and fill in a paper at the end of it.

We were tested by way of a very thorough exam.

IICRC Certified Firm Doncaster Carpet Cleaners Scawsby
IICRC Certified Firm Doncaster Carpet Cleaners Scawsby

But that’s not all the Institute of inspection cleaning & restoration certification takes pride in their Certified Firms program.

Making sure that all of the firms that wish to be certified meet stringent standards.

A certified firm will have to have a trained and certified technician in order to be certified.

Other things that we have to do is to have full insurance cover and a proper complaints procedure.

It is this standard that keeps IICRC certified firms at the very top of the profession.

So when you are looking for local carpet cleaners in Scawsby you can feel safe in the knowledge that Doncaster carpet cleaners has met this standard and is an and IICRC certified firm.

Sofa cleaners in Scawsby

When it comes to sofa and upholstery cleaning, you can rely on our expertise to ensure a great sofa clean.

This means that we will deep clean your upholstery leaving you with a fresh smelling great looking piece of furniture for your enjoyment.

We clean both fabric sofas and leather upholstery.

Click through for more information on our leather sofa cleaning service in Scawsby.

Rest assured that we are fully qualified and use only the best, most appropriate products and upholstery cleaning techniques when we clean your sofa.

Local carpet cleaners in Scawsby
Local carpet cleaners in Scawsby

Local carpet cleaners in Scawsby – National Carpet cleaners association Senior member

You can check our qualifications and credentials online or by telephoning them. It’s your guarantee of hiring highly competent and professional carpet cleaners.

Why is so important that we are qualified and members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association?

Anybody can join an association, can’t they?

Well not this one. The NCCA was formed over fifty years ago and really is the industry association.

A local carpet cleaner can not just pay to be a member like so many other on line organisations.

First, an application has to be made, detailing everything about your carpet cleaning business and what training has been undertaken.

Then, regardless of how many years, or what other qualification you have. You have to attend the two day National Carpet Cleaners Association course and pass the written exam.

Local carpet cleaners in Scawsby – Getting stains out of carpets

After this, you must then attend and pass a specialist stain removal course to be fully accepted into the association.

There is no short cut. This is your guarantee that you will be getting a very professional service by trained local carpet cleaners.

The IICRC on the other hand is an examination body. It is a world wide organisation that not many people aspire to.

The exams are difficult by design. It just means to you that you are getting a carpet cleaner with a deep understanding of carpet fibres, construction and products etc.

At the time of writing, Doncaster carpet cleaners is the only local carpet cleaners in Scawsby that is an IICRC certified firm. In fact, we are the only qualified and certified IICRC firm in South Yorkshire. You are in safe hands!

Doncaster carpet cleaners are also Senior members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association.

This is the United Kingdom’s national body for carpet cleaning professionals. The standards are well known. For example it’s members are frequently called upon to clean all manor of exotic and beautiful carpets and rugs. From around the world by people such as the national trust.

Carpet cleaners in Scawsby
Carpet cleaners in Scawsby
The association offers training to it’s members and is always there for us to call in at any moment with anything that may have come up. Or any questions that our clients may have for us. So be sure to use fully qualified local carpet cleaners in Scawsby when you need the very best in carpet and upholstery cleaning.
Doncaster carpet cleaners – The right choice

It’s all about getting the right people for the right job, at the right price. Of course there are cheap carpet cleaners in Scawsby, and a lot more expensive than us. However, we feel we have the right balance in terms of pricing.

All of our prices are displayed on the prices page. We feel that is important.

Some people will go on price alone, but we are very reasonable. And we come with all these qualifications and twenty seven years of experience.

We won’t damage your carpets.

All of our machinery is state of the art too. This is very important. It means lots of things, but one thing that is important to our clients is drying time.

Our carpet cleaning extraction machine is built in England and is very powerful. It means that we can leave your carpets in a condition that will dry quickly and all of the damaging grit is removed.

Grit is one of the top reasons for cleaning your carpet. It’s great to have a lovely clean looking fresh smelling carpet.

But one of the main reasons for having to replace a carpet is because of wear. The main reason for holes appearing in carpets is the grit that come off of socks, footwear and clothing.

This just drops onto the floor. It falls to the bottom of the fibres and every time the carpet is walked on, it moves the grit back and forth.

How often to clean carpets
Local Carpet Cleaners in Doncaster
Local Carpet Cleaners in Doncaster

This is like rubbing glass on string. It cuts it through. Then suddenly, one day a hole appears from nowhere. It has finally worn through.

Then there are no options other than buy a new carpet or live with it. All this is preventable by regular carpet cleaning.

People ask me how often. There is no perfect answer to this. But high traffic areas, perhaps twice a year.

Such as the stairs, where a narrow piece of carpet is regularly walked on. Or a through lounge from the front door to the kitchen. That sort of thing.

Bedrooms etc are quite low traffic, so perhaps once a year. But this can vary a lot. It depends on factors such as outside footwear being worn in the house.

Going up and down stairs with outside shoes on is a sure fire way to get those stairs looking grubby and being full of grit in a very short space of time.

Clothing is the same. With the amount of dust in the air, it collects on your clothes and drops into the carpet.

Along with all the pollen and bacteria from outside. It’s worth thinking about all these points. We include an antibacterial in our final carpet rinse.

This kills bacteria in the carpet and helps with those colds going around the family.

So when you are looking. We cover Scawsby and the immediate area.

Give us a call today or check out our reviews on our facebook page 

Or for carpet and upholstery cleaning prices look at our prices page there you will find a full price list. Something other carpet cleaners in Scawsby don’t have.

Commercial office and school carpet cleaners

If you are looking for office or commercial carpet cleaning in Scawsby, we can do that for you too.

This is me cleaning the carpets in Scawsby Saltersgate Infant School Scawsby. We clean office carpets all the time, and they are ready to walk on right away!

Office and school carpet cleaners in Scawsby
Cleaning the carpets at Saltersgate Infant School Scawsby

Call today:

01302 874 613
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