Pet safe Carpet Stain Remover

Pet Safe Carpet Stain Remover
Pet safe carpet stain remover from Doncaster Carpet Cleaners

It’s here, the Doncaster carpet cleaners pet safe carpet stain remover.

Many of our carpet cleaning clients have pets. We are a pet loving nation after all.

Now at last, you don’t have to risk burning their feet when trying to remove a stain on the carpet.

However, we do need to keep our carpets and soft furnishings looking great. So, we buy all sorts of carpet spotters and stain revovers from the shops.

The biggest problem with using carpet stain removers is that we really don’t know what is in them. We use them at the risk of hurting our best friends.

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Pet Safe Carpet Stain Remover

For more years than I care to remember I have been explaining to our clients about the dangers of using chemicals on the carpet. Especially if they have pets.

The laws around the labelling of cleaning product ingredients in the UK is a bit tricky. Even if the chemicals are written on the label, who knows what are? For example, Sodium hypochlorite is bleach. And other words can be used.

The thing with bleach and other chemicals is that they can burn. Above all, we don’t want our cats and dogs swallowing this stuff.

But why would they, we keep our cleaning products where pets and children can’t get to them, don’t we? There is more than one way our pets can swallow carpet cleaning stain removers though.

One basic rule that all professional carpet cleaners will know is that you always take out what you put into a carpet when cleaning it.

That is to say, If a carpet cleaner uses some sort of carpet stain removal product. It must be removed, and the carpet returned to a balanced potential of hydrogen (PH).

Most of the time this is done by flushing the carpet fibres with a suitable final rinse using a powerful carpet cleaning machine. But who has such a machine?

These carpet cleaning machines cost thousands of pounds and even then, can you buy a suitable rinsing agent for the type of chemical you are trying to neutralize?

In short, probably not, so you need to find a pet safe carpet stain remover.

What is the best homemade carpet stain remover?

Most importantly, what is the best pet safe carpet Stain remover. This is something I come across almost daily. I’ll get to a client’s home, and they will say. That’s a red wine stain, but don’t worry I poured white wine on it!!

Pet Safe Carpet Stain Remover
Humans believe anything if it’s on the tellybox!

Buy online now for just £10.

Good old Google! It’s no joke though, mixing household cleaning products can be fatal. Yes, you can die from it. Mixing just a couple of common household products together can make a poisonous gas that can kill you. So don’t, would be my advice.

Back to protecting our pets from being poisoned. The point is, it’s unlikely that a householder will have the hot water extraction machine and the right rinses and carpet cleaning training to get the carpet back to normal.

Consequently, our pets will step on it. We know that cat’s and dogs keep clean by licking. You can see where this is going now.

Our pet will have walked in the chemical that has been used, lick its paws to clean it or stop it burning and in doing so, burns its mouth. It then licks it’s lips like mad to get that chemical off which results in our dog or cat swallowing the carpet spotter or whatever has been used.

Firstly, it stood in the product, and through the cleaning process it ends up swallowing it. Causing more burning and possible poisoning.

Meanwhile, we have no idea that our pet is in pain and more. The carpet stain remover was advertised on telly, so it must be ok, right?

Our pet odour removal service is a bit different.

What is the best pet stain remover for carpet?

We think the best safe for pet’s carpet stain remover is Doncaster Carpet Cleaners Professional eco spotter.

This a pet safe carpet stain remover that is environmentally friendly. It is made from plant extracts and does not contain harmful ingredients such as enzymes or bleach. Furthermore, it is 100% biodegradable.

It is a non resoiling carpet spotter which means that unlike lots of carpet and sofa spotters it does not attract dirt after you have cleaned with it. This product will not bleach carpet or upholstery fabrics.

Doncaster carpet cleaners pet safe carpet stain remover is also a proven antimicrobial that helps to control the spread of viruses around the home. It is safe for children and pets.

Pet Safe Carpet Stain Remover
Thanks for thinking of me ……

Buy online now for just £10.

One question I am often asked is can you use carpet stain remover on clothes? The answer to can you use carpet stain remover on clothes is:

Doncaster carpet Cleaners pet safe carpet stain remover is safe to use on clothes.

This pet safe carpet stain remover is safe to use on all washable carpets and textiles. And is safe for cleaning upholstery. You have a really useful product here. So now you know what pet safe carpet stain remover to use without hurting your pets.

How to use carpet stain remover.

This is how you use Doncaster carpet cleaners pet safe carpet stain remover.

Firstly, it is ready to use. So no mixing.

Blot your fresh spillage with an absorbent cloth such as a terry towl or something clean and absorbant to soak up the worst of it. Don’t rub, rubbing can split carpet and upholstery fibres and they will never look the same.

Spray the area lightly with Doncaster carpet Cleaners pet safe carpet stain remover. Keep blotting until the stain is removed.

Then, with a clean damp cloth blot up any access. Do this a few times and you are all done.

You have done all you can as a householder to stop that stain from being permanent. Remember, the quicker you treat the stain, the more chance you have of removing it.

What if it does not come out of the carpet?

Remember, some stains will be permanent. Whatever you do, don’t start scrubbing at that stain if it doesn’t go. You will trash the carpet fibres, and that carpet will look like a Brillo pad forever!

And don’t try lots of other chemicals on it. You may just fix the stain preminantly. Just blot up the access with a clean damp towel and leave it until you next have your carpets professionally cleaned.

That way, we will have much more chance of removing stains that have tried to fix themselves to the carpet or upholstery fibres. Think of stains as hair dye, if you dye your hair, you wouldn’t expect it to wash off in the shower with shampoo.

It’s the same with spills on the carpet or sofa stains. That stain may require a specialist product that is not for sale to the public. So just leave for now.

Doncaster Carpet Cleaners has extensive training on carpet stain removal. So just leave it until I come next time I come to clean your carpets and if it can be removed I will get rid of it for you. I have just about everything on the van.

We have had extensive training in advanced spot and stain removal. And we know what products we can and can’t use for all types of stains.

In conclusion, if you are worried about what pet safe carpet stain remover to use so you don’t harm your pets. Reach for Doncaster Carpet Cleaners Professional Eco Spotter.

Buy online now for just £10.

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