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Wet carpet cleaner in Doncaster

Wet carpet cleaner in Doncaster

Looking for a wet carpet cleaner in Doncaster? What does that even mean? It could mean that you want your carpets wet cleaned. It is probably the most used method in domestic carpet cleaning. But it’s not the only method of carpet cleaning by a long way.

Wet carpet cleaner in Doncaster

Wet carpet cleaner in Doncaster

Wet carpet cleaner in Doncaster – Choice

There are choices to be made when you clean a carpet. At Doncaster carpet cleaners we use the full range of carpet cleaning methods from wet cleaning. Which is sometimes called steam cleaning. To bonnet or pad cleaning. Hot water extraction is the one people sometimes get mixed up with steam cleaning. It comes from old advertising and just word of mouth. It’s like it’s common to call vacuuming, hoovering.

Cleaning carpets with hot the water extraction method is very common. It does a great deep down clean if it is done properly. And it can be dry very quickly. In fact when Doncaster carpet Cleaners clean your carpet using hot water extraction. You can walk on it right away.

It’s not a hundred percent dry. But with clean footwear, it is no problem. Just watch for slip hazards when walking off a damp carpet onto a stone or similar floor surface.

Wet carpet cleaner in Doncaster – What type of carpet do you have?

The hot water extraction method is great. However, some people do it wrong. They miss steps out off the process and skimp on product. We don’t do that of course. But some do, and it results in a sub standard clean. You would be wise to ask what steps are included in the price before you ask a carpet cleaner to clean your carpets and upholstery.

So what are the basics. Well, the carpet structure and material needs to be identified first. You can not clean something if you don’t know what it’s made of. Some products damage carpets that are made from wool for example. Other carpets may be Nylon or Polypropylene. These will not clean properly if the right products are not used. So it’s not just a case of one product to clean all carpets.

After this, we need to assess what type of backing your carpet has. This is important because some types of backing and or methods of construction will tell us if shrinkage may be an issue. If it is, we will use another method or proceed using the skills we have built up over the years. Being a family firm living and working only in Doncaster. You will only get us. We don’t employ people, so you know that will be getting us every time.

Wet carpet cleaner in Doncaster

Wet carpet cleaner in Doncaster

Wet carpet cleaner in Doncaster – A deep down carpet clean

Once the carpet fibres are identified and the backing has been assessed we an make decisions on how best to clean the carpet. In terms of products and methods. We will make sure the carpet is fitted well enough to be cleaned using our chosen method. And we will then start to vacuum the carpet.

This is not just a quick flick. This is a deep down vacuum using professional vacuum cleaners. These have beater bars and twin motors to enable us to remove as much dry particulate as is possible. We will then have a good look for stains and we treat them if we think they will be stubborn.

If we have chosen hot ware extraction. We will then pre spray the carpet with a suitable product. This product is agitated into the carpet. We want to cover every single carpet fibre so that the chemistry can work properly. This will start to work on the remaining soil and the stains while we move the furniture around to get under everything.

We don’t move electrical appliances such as televisions. Or huge book cases and the like. But most things are moved. Such as the sofa, tables etc.

Wet carpet cleaner in Doncaster – Air quality

Once this has been done we can set about extraction the soil with our industrial carpet cleaning machine. Don’t worry though. The machine stays outside the house. Only the hoses come in. This is very important for air quality.

You can imagine a carpet cleaning machine standing in your living room. Sucking in all the bacteria and dirt from one end. Heating it up through the vac motors and blowing it out of the other end covering your home with bacteria. This is not something that people think about usually, but it is very important.

We want to leave your home as bacteria free as is possible. This is why we use products that have an antibacterial ingredient. Again, this is something that most carpet cleaners do not do. In fact, it puts just pennies on the price of carpet cleaning products to us. But for some reason most carpet cleaners
Still don’t want to bother with it. We feel it’s mad not to include an ant bacterial agent if we are there cleaning the carpet anyway. It helps slow down the colds going around and around the family for one thing.

Wet carpet cleaner in Doncaster – Final extraction

A carpet cleaning wand is used for the process of extraction. It’s fairly simple really. A hot water is line is connected to it along with a vacuum hose. The extraction fluid is injected into the carpet at a chosen psi and extracted immediately via the wand head and vac hose.

We don’t just extract with water. We can ad various products to the rinse water. These have various jobs to do. One of them is to help move the faintest stains. While another is to leave a product in the carpet that helps to slow down the rate of re soiling. In other words, your carpet will stay cleaner for longer.

Have you ever heard people saying they they don’t have their carpet cleaned because they get dirty quicker. Well this is true if the carpet cleaner has left a sticky residue on the carpet. This is dome by not rinsing properly with the correct rinse agent. Or just using old fashioned cheap products that contain harmful chemicals.

We leave your carpet looking great, smelling fresh and in a state that will help slow down the rate of re soiling. Its all in with the price!



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